- Impact & Income
​- Benefits & Belief
- Independence & Community
- Mastery & Discovery
- Purpose & Play
- Character & Contribution

Massive personal development disguised as a business.

What is it?

Learn about becoming

a Health Food Agent

Build your business in 23 countries:

We offer enduring, economic enterprise across: Millennials, GENx, Boomers, the Greatest and Next generations. We invite you to learn why our simple and patented health food products deliver so much successf with health food agents.
​Success and fulfillment leave clues. We inspire health living, giving and earning, globally with independent health food agents.

What if you could be mentored by tried and proven professionals, that work in the same enterprise as you? Join a global community of like minded people.

Network Franchise integrates the four models.  It is not perfect, just better:
  • CORPORATE: Full health-care benefits packet to independent contractors.
  • DIRECT SALES: No brick and mortar or territory restrictions.  
  • FRANCHISE: Brand awareness with a tried and proven systems.  
  • NETWORK MARKETING: Economic leverage by leading an agency of agents.